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2018 - 2019

Bob Hemmer and Javier Corrales commissioned Miller Pollin to design a 2,400 square foot contemporary home for them on a level site in Sunderland, Massachusetts. The property is skirted by a wooded wetland area and one neighboring residence. Looking west from the house is a beautiful view of nearby Sugarloaf Mountain. The first level contains a double-height living room open to a dining and kitchen area. The master bedroom suite is contiguous with the living room on the east side. Two guest rooms, bathrooms, a sauna and a study with a small view deck are located on the second level with a connecting hallway open to the living room below. 

Miller Pollin designed the exterior massing to articulate the programmatic spaces of the house. She then used color to clarify and define the various volumes.


The home is designed to be energy efficient with super-insulation, duel-glazed windows able to withstand very cold winters and a high efficiency heating and cooling system. The roofs are south facing to accommodate future photovoltaic panels.

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