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The renovation of University Place was another early project for Miller Pollin. Here, developers asked her to unify two single story commercial buildings in the downtown. On a limited budget, Miller Pollin created a central entrance foyer leading into the space. Perpendicular to this entry axis are a series of cross courts. This opened up the spaces, allowing for private offices and semi-private courtyards for casual interactions. Miller Pollin justified these areas to the developer as they created light and airy circulation spaces and articulated perspectives through the building.

Skylights bring natural light into the depth of the office block. Miller Pollin designed interior conference rooms which provided private meeting space and added skylights. The conference room is defined by two translucent polycarbonate walls set within a custom steel frame. Solid walls have windows looking out into the office areas. In this modest project, Miller Pollin enlivened the space, integrating wood, steel and glass with an abundance of natural light, to create a remarkable building that would draw future tenants.

Miller Pollin won several awards for this project. One juror for the Inland California AIA Awards stated: “the interior space and quality of light were well handled…a great deal of clarity in the design of interior spaces.” The awards she won for University Place and the Loring Building began to substantially boost her name recognition in the area and helped propel her practice forward.

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